RIDE (2013)

David Stockdale: acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, percussion, vocals
Antonello Saviozzi: electric guitars
Alberto Callegari: bass
Andrea Farinelli: drums, percussion
Melody Castellari: backing vocals
Giovanni Guerretti: keyboards
Alessandro Bertozzi: tenor sax and brass section
Andrea Cravedi: pedal steel guitar
Elena Castagnola: cello


1. Morning Come Through (3’58”)

2. Third Half (3’34”)

3. Potato Pizza (3’32”)

4. Untie (4’21”)

5. Take (3’49”)

6. Rain Washing Us (3’58”)

7. A Friend (3’37”)

8. Rock and LOL (3’57”)

9. Mouth Like Jeanne Moreau (4’37”)

10. Call Me Fool (3’47”)

11. Ride Tonight (4’14”)

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All songs written and produced by David James Stockdale © 2012
Published by Taitu Music, Italy

Recorded at Elfo Studio, Tavernago (PC), Italy
Chief sound engineer: Alberto Callegari
Production assistant for Tait Music: Melody Castellari
Mixed and mastered at Elfo Studio by Federico Bianchi

Cover art by Sophie Katherine Thomas (www.sktstudio.com)
Photo by Fausto Mazza
Graphics by faustomazza/Studio, Piacenza, Italy

Thanks to the musicians and everyone who contributed love and energy to this project, in particular Chiara Ferri and Level49, Melody Castellari and Taitu Music, Alberto Callegari and Elfo Studio, Federico Bianchi, Fausto Mazza and faustomazza/Studio, Gianni "Big John" Azzali and the Milestone Club in Piacenza, my parents Joe and Robin and all the musicians who give me hope and inspiration, including Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Mississippi John Hurt, Police, Neil Young, Prince, John Hiatt and Dave Matthews.