High school, early 70's.

Concert at Slater Center, Purdue University, with Bill Burroff and Larry Anderson, circa 1973.

On State St, West Lafayette, Indiana, with David Pounders, Bill Burroff and Larry Anderson.

Playing backup for Tony Moore at the Teatro San Matteo, Piacenza, Italy.

Concert at Sonnambula discoclub, Rivergaro, with Riccio Boselli.

From some club in Northern Italy, circa 1989.

From an Irish Pub in Italy and not from Dublin with Andrea Biasini.

With Gianni "Big John" Azzali and Andrea Biasini at a pub in Travo.

People always say I make funny faces when I gig. Now I believe them.

With Gianni Azzali at the Teatro Filodrammatica in Piacenza, 2004.

At the Libreria Fahrenheit, during a presentation for Grace Canyon, 2005.

Getting interviewed for local television (TeleLibertà) by M. Vittoria Gazzola.

Castell'Arquato, October of 2006, with Andrea Zermani, Paolo Codognola and Alex Carreri.

Piacenza Blues Fest, May, 2007 with Lorenzo Poli.

Piacenza Blues Fest with Andrea Biasini, Andrea Zermani, Stefano Bertolotti, Lorenzo Poli and Mario Chiesa.

Travo, July, 2007 with Paolo Codognola, Andrea Zermani, Andrea Biasini and Alex Carreri.

Jamming with Max Lugli, summer 2008. That's Max Prandi's ax I'm playing (Thanks, Max!); still can't figure how he gets that toy guitar to play so nice!

At the Novellara Blues Festival. Squeezing out sparks from that ES-355 is the one and only Max De Bernardi! What a joy to listen to!

At Elfo Studio with Max Lugli playing his harp to Hotel Hemingway through a magic, metal effects box from the 40's.

Obama just about to be elected! Bobby Kennedy had predicted it to the year.

Presentation of Feed The Illusion with Paolo Codognola at Fausto Mazza Studio, Piacenza, Oct. 2008.

At school, teaching, 2009.

With Andrea Biasini and Stefano Bertolotti, Feb. 2009, at the Famiglia Piasinteina, Piacenza.

With my 60th anniversary Telecaster. What a babe...

With Marco Tansini, Spring, 2011.

Milestone Club, Piacenza, Italy
March 10th, 2012

Muntà di Ratt, Piacenza, Italy
March 27th, 2012, with the Grace Canyon Review

Cover of Taking Tennessee to Hart, a novel by my father, Joe Stockdale

Milestone Club, Piacenza, Italy, with Melody Castellari, 24 November, 2012
Photo by Laura Barbieri

Shakespeare Club, Parma, Italy, with Marcello Salcuni, 23 May, 2013
Photo by Veronica Costa