Gianni Azzali (tenor sax)
Marco Orsi (drums on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9)
Lorenzo Poli (bass)
David Stockdale (acoustic & electric guitars, voices)
Michael Stockdale (percussion, track 6)
Fabio Villaggi (drums on tracks 3, 7, 8 and 10)


1. Diamond Core (4:18)

2. Co-dependency (3:17)

3. Light Touch (3:15)

4. The Paradox (3:35)

5. You Have To Believe (3:54)

6. A Harder Friendship (3:59)

7. Strange Coincidence (3:47)

8. I’m Curious (3:06)

9. Carburate (3:30)

10. New Land (3:26)

All songs written and produced by David James Stockdale - © 2001 David James Stockdale
(registered with the U.S. Copyright Office)

Sound Engineers: Roberto Barocelli and Alessandro Bertozzi
Recorded at Logic Studio (Piacenza, Italy) and Bertostudio (San Rocco, LO, Italy)
Mixed at Bertostudio.

Cover photography by: Luca Laureati (Udine, Italy)
© 2001 Luca Laureati
Layout by David Stockdale

Thanks to the musicians/technicians/artists who believed in this project and contributed their energy, arrangements and sounds to it, Piero Ferrucci (he wrote the book “Crescere”) who inspired “Diamond Core”, Joe Stockdale III for the concept of “Light Touch”, Don Stockdale for “Carburate”, Luis Bunuel for “Paradox”, Andrea Biasini with whom I played music for years, my parents and family for their valuable love and support, Joni, Alanis, John Hiatt and all the great artists who have inspired and touched me.

This CD is dedicated to my son, Michael Joseph Stockdale.