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NEXT PLANE (David Stockdale)

You say, not me
It’s the world growing old
Gonna find that key
Gotta weather this cold

When our time runs out it surprises you
All at once
You are only just passing through

He’s real nice
I have to admit
Take my advice
Don’t get used to it

You can idolize and make one of two
Watch her eyes
But she’s only just passing through

Where’s it all begin?
What is this delay?
When your next plane’s in
You got to be on your way

You can hoard your riches
Cover your eyes
Scratch what itches
But you’re only just passing by

All we really know
Is nobody can stay
When your next plane goes
You got to be on your way


MELTING POT (David Stockdale)

From the pubs of Dublin to the boulevards of Budapest
Amsterdam, where integration knows no rest
Paris, France, the new entrance to the West

Open your eyes to what you’ve got
Join us tonight, in this melting pot

From the NorthWest U.S. to Monument Valley
Melbourne of the black swan and the Red Sea
Tir Na Nog where your spirit can run free

Open your heart
Alone, you’re not
Come play a part, in this melting pot

From Stockholm nights to lights over the blue Danube
African drums beat out my heart for you
El Gijon, Tibetan throne, room with a view

Open your mind
Unveil the plot
So much you’ll find, in this melting pot



We drove the car to Tennessee
Recruiting had begun
Roadies, soundmen, they came for free
Performers, one by one
Hard working folk with quiet smiles
And a passion for the Blues
Volunteers from miles and miles
To make a dream come true

Together in the Blues
To make a dream come true

Lady and I, we found our way
Up to the floating stage
Night was fading into day
While hist’ry turned a page
In a ray of light, I stood and saw
On a river to the sea
The common good for each and all
I dropped down on my knees and
started singing!

In the naked light we saw
The common good for all

The music played for sev’ral days
Nature was on our side
Clouds like drifting dancers swayed
The stars were ours and wide
Music rose to the highest hall
Then like snow, fell to land
Lady and I were one with all
Standing, hand in hand

It washed us ever clean
Down in Tennessee


THE BLUES INSIDE (David Stockdale)

Used to think this old world was wrong
Liked to drink, he did not belong
Analized, it was unfair
Criticized those who didn’t care

Because it is hard to look yourself in the eye
That’s why we try to deny
The Blues inside

She can bite, tell you where to go
What is right, only she can know
Nothing soothes, no one waits
The sad truth, it’s herself she hates

I know it is hard to open wide
And that’s why we can’t deny
The Blues inside

Talk back, head crack, ice pack
Honey, beware!
Lights on, curtains drawn, perfect lawn
But nobody there, no upstairs
So what do you care?

You break ground, try to fix what broke
Hold down what is up in smoke
Forego all your better plans
When you know it’s in the palm of your hands

Sometimes it is hard to be alive
That’s why we can’t deny
The Blues inside



Well, I look over yonder
People, what I see
A band of angels staring right at me
Saying, “A little compassion for the enemy”

A little compassion
Can’t you see?
For your friends, the enemy

Well, I grew up reciting
Someone’s pledge and plea
All my life fighting this conditioning
With not enough compassion for the enemy

A little compassion
All you need
For your friends, the enemy

Well, go right on praying
Beat your fists and scream
Say hell is waiting for the ones like me
But we’re all just saying what we believe

A little compassion
That’s the key
For your friends, the enemy


PARIS TONIGHT (David Stockdale)

Honey, let’s get dressed, go downtown
There’s no time to rest or hang around
I got this pounding in my chest
So lets get down

Bistrot dreams
Watching the people
How it fills me with delight
You can flee into your TV
For us, it’s Paris tonight!

C’est vrai, on parle français, what’d you expect?
This ain’t just another city or housing project
It is still making history
Show some respect!

Gay are we
Kiss me, my lady
Everything’ll be all right
They can bitch, they can stay angry
For us, it’s Paris tonight!

Tuileries for free, or Marmottan
Walking, that is how we have fun
Now we are checking out the scene
At Bois de Vincennes

Hold me close
I’ll always love you
You’re a most wonderful sight
There can be no one above you
For us, it’s Paris tonight!



Ramblin’ man, a tumbleweed
Walked this land, he had a dream
Sometimes you can hear him call
‘Neath the moon where lovers fall

That’s his song of love for all

Tumbleweed did not believe
They gave back what they received
He unveiled the dirty games
Greedy hands, unfounded claims

And his song of peace remains

Tumbleweed was good to Earth
Planted seed of better worth
Bowed down to Her Master Plan
Clean the raging rivers ran

Ramblin’ man, they celebrate
Your timely death, they could not wait
Vultures feed, temptation’s strong
But I still hear your ramblin’ song

It will linger on and on


SKY UNLOCKED (David Stockdale)

Oh! the trees at the water’s edge
I am hanging on the breeze
And gliding, effortless

It’s a charm how I can stay up
All at once I flapped my arms
And the sky unlocked

Now the blue water ripples
Come close, expand
I’m skimming like a rock
Onto a shore of sand

Oh! the mountains roll
And the valley below
Far ahead, a giant bed
For this my restless soul

There’s a whirling of wind in my ears
Surging, sailing, headlong now
Exploring new frontier

With the slightest of movement
Horizons change
Herd of horses, wind-sent
Across endless range

Sky unlocked, morning light
When it calls, go, you won’t fall
It’ll be all right!

Take flight, ain’t no crime
If you’re ready now
What’s the use of wasting time?


NO RIGHT (David Stockdale)

We had no right or way to justify
Our lack of sight
The money, greed and lies

Flames cannot put out a fire
That gets higher and higher
Set by soldiers, fueled by bone
When people put a man down
Rub his face in the ground
A bitter seed is sown

You cannot kill in the name of higher powers
Or die for the sake of peace
Preach from your highest towers
Then bring them to their knees

We had no right and the illusion can’t go on
No war we fight is ever really won

There is not one path to take
Or a better mistake
There’s no necessary crime
When folks are trampled upon
And their families look on
There will be harm, in time

There is no cause that’s worth killing for
Blind is the eye for the eye
Who is this blood spilling for?
Why do these people cry?

They had no right to break into our lives
Destroy by might and cut us down to size

They had no right


GET AWAY (David Stockdale)

When you wanna cry
Cause you say this world is cruel
But you don’t know why
Baby, who decides for you?

When you want to hide
Cause you cannot bide by rules
Are you bona fide?
Or are you someone else’s fool?

Gotta move it out
That’s what it’s all about

Change may come your way
Ain’t any easier to stay
In the end you pay for the ones you let
Get away, get away, get away

You feel powerless
And it scares you to the bone
More than distress
Do you think you are alone?

Baby you are not
There are such a lot!

Change may come your way
Ain’t any easier to stay
In the end we pay for the ones we let
Get away, get away, get away


REAL GROUND (David Stockdale)

There’s a moon in Lady Sabrina’s eyes
And warm perfume, her embrace is right
A loving spoonful
With a touch of something wise

Feet on the ground, heart in the tree
She’s mountain bound, ocean free
Can’t hold her down,
But I want her close to me

In my dreams, in places we can’t know
At the seams, where fearless lovers go
On the road, the wind against our face
In the cold mystery of time and space

Sometimes when I’m more lost than found
And she prods me, breaks the fences down
Real love is growing in real ground

She is in my dreams
In places we can’t know
At the seams, where fearless lovers go
On the road, the wind against our face
In the cold mystery of time and space

Real ground

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