Gianni Azzali (tenor sax)
Stefano Bertolotti (drums)
Andrea Biasini (acoustic guitar)
Alex Carreri (bass)
Mario Chiesa (electric guitar)
Paolo Codognola (acoustic guitar, mandolin)
Max Lugli (harmonica)
Stefania Martin (vocals)
David Stockdale (acoustic guitars, congas, vocals)
Andrea Zermani (clarinet, vocals)


1. Hotel Hemingway (3:54)

2. This Old Train (3:41)

3. Ballad of Erick (5:01)

4. Easy Way Out (4:20)

5. Working On Love (4:11)

6. Damn Thing Behind (4:55)

7. Paradox (3:50)

8. Riding Into a Storm (3:51)

9. Head Bowed Down (4:16)

10. New POV (3:51)

11. On Dit (3:16)

"Ballad of Erick" written by Joseph G. Stockdale III, arranged by David Stockdale
All other songs written and produced by David James Stockdale - © 2008 David James Stockdale

Chief Sound Engineer at Elfo Studio: Renato Podesta'
Chief Sound Engineer at Ultra Sound Studio: Roberto "Bob" Re
Mixed and mastered by Albero Callegari and Daniele Mandelli at Elfo Studio, Tavernago (Piacenza), Italy

Cover photography, graphics and layout by Fausto Mazza Studio (Piacenza, Italy)
© 2008 Fausto Mazza

Financed thanks to a generous donation by the late Page J. Karling, my godmother. A special thanks to the musicians who gave so much to this CD. I would also like to thank Renato Podestà for his valuable contribution, Alberto Callegari for believing and for introducing me to Paolo Codognola, Sabrina for being such a great person/partner as well as a wonderful inspiration, my parents, my big brother Joe, the Piacenza Blues Club for hiring Max Lugli so I could hear him play at Milestone (a jazz club in Piacenza, Italy), my uncle Jim for turning me on to Kris Kristofferson, my son Michael for leavng the damn theings behind, Fasuto Mazza for his art, Marco Tansini for his ears, Steve Irwin for his documentaries and the music of so many inspiring musicians, including John Hiatt, Tom Waits, Kim Wilson, Van Morrison and Neil Young.